When we travel in Nepal what should we do and what should not we do ( Do and Do not in Nepal )

While you entering a Nepalese house, temple or monastery please remove your shoes
Whenever you meet new people or friends just palms-together and say “Namaste”
Remember, when a person

Nepal- A fragment of culture

Nepal is a small country between China and India. It has a diverse geography with mountains and plains,  subalpine forested hills, forest filled with different vegetations, plants, animals and insects.

One day hike to Champadevi

I have recently been for a one day hike to Champadevi, for 5 minutes I will be sharing my experience of hiking in the pick monsoon season.
Summer for me

15 main reasons to visit Nepal

Here is this session you will be knowing the 15 fascinating reasons to visit Nepal in 2020,  i mean throughout every year.
Nepal, being the home of the Mt. Everest, has

About Nepal

Geographical Location of Nepal

Nepal is a
landlocked country which lies in between India in the southwest and
China in the north. It is