When we travel in Nepal what should we do and what should not we do ( Do and Do not in Nepal )

December 16, 2022
  • While you entering a Nepalese house, temple or monastery please remove your shoes
  • Whenever you meet new people or friends just palms-together and say “Namaste”
  • Remember, when a person shakes his head from left to right many times, he may mean “NO”
  • Do not eat anything with your left hand
  • Cow meat is strictly prohibited in Nepal
  • Please when you travel in Nepal, you should respect local traditions, customs, values, and sentiments to help them protect local culture and maintain local pride.
  • Please do not offer food from your plate, nor eat from a common pot and avoid touching your lips to a shared drinking vessel.
  • Take a permission when taking photographs
  • Respect holy places and holy men
  • Don’t kiss or hug in public
  • Refrain from giving money to children as it encourages begging
  • Respect for the local etiquette earns you respect
  • Let the Himalayas change you – Do not change them
  • Protect the natural environment
  • Never touch or point anything with your feet.
  • Leave the campsite cleaner than you found it
  • Limit deforestation – make no open fires Burn dry paper and packets in a safe place
  • Keep local water clean and avoid using pollutants
  • Plants should be left to flourish in their natural environment
  • Use your both hands to show appreciation and respect rather than one while giving or accepting something from others