Nepal is the home of the Mt. Everest, which is the highest mountain in the world. Besides that, there are other popular Himalayan ranges over 8000m that has marked Nepal as the land of Himalayas. Nepal is also popular for a mysterious creatures Yeti, believed to seen by mountaineer around Everest Region. Nepal  is equally famous for religious beliefs as well. There are many holy places that have carried a religious significance and listed in Hindu scriptures like Bhagavata PuranaVishnu Purana and the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. Not only this Nepal is also home of various endangered species, wild animals, flora and fauna. Nepal is rich in culture, tradition, festivals, caste, local foods, architectural masterpieces, arts and so on. That’s why people often say ” Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real”.


So many international tourists are attracted to Nepal due to its beauty and culture. No doubt it is also popular for photography. Documentary and filmmaking. Thousand of people visit each year for photography and documentary to capture the natural beauty of Nepal. There are various films like Seven years in Tibet, The climb, Everest, Little Buddha, Doctor Strange, The Golden Child, Himalaya, highway to Dhampus, The Fall, Harey Rama Harey Krishna, Khuda Gawah, Baby, etc. have beautifully captured the landscape of Nepal. Caravan, shot in the Dolpo region of Nepal got an Oscar nomination, for portraying the hardship and lifestyle of native peoples, living in challenging natural condition of the Dolpo, a mountain district along with the majestic panorama of mountainous landscapes and lakes.


Jatra travels provide you the best service for those who are seeking for perfect places for photography, short films, soap opera, movie, documentaries and others.


Thus we would like to heartily invite all the filmmakers and photographer from all over the world. We have a very experienced team who has been working for both tourism and film making project for more than a decade. Our team has been traveling a lot to hunt down the beautiful location on all over Nepal to offer location suggestions to give the superior scenic landscapes to heighten the quality of your filming and photography project. Our team member knows how to handle filming crew, also helps you to find good story or script and characters, the best place to hire equipments and scouting locations.


  • All Kinds of Photos, Films and Documentaries Shooting Permit


In order to shoot film and photograph in Neal you need to take a permit from the Ministry of Information and communication. You need to write an application listing following requirements.


1. Application form as prescribed by the rules of the Ministry of Information and communication, fixing Nepalese postal stamp costs NRS. 50. 00


2. Your detail film story or script


3. Show passport and bio data of your crew members.


4. List of your Equipments and custom clearance letter


5. Agreement letters from organization. (We will handle this part).


6. Your day to day itinerary details while staying over here in Nepal


7. Authorization letter from you (Jatra Travels as a local representative by the producer).


  • Translator


In Nepal, person who is associated with the tourism business can speak English and other major language like French, Spanish, Chinese and others. Thought Nepali is the national Language of Nepal but different caste and tribe have their own language. It is even hard for the Nepalese to understand the specific language. But our experience team member can help you with that. We have a connection with the people who helps to translate the native into your language and helps you in story writing.


  • Equipments Hire


Either you can bring professional camera and other equipment from your country. But you need to clear the custom. But if you don’t want to pay more, there are several good spots for hiring filming equipments.


  • Story Research


It is difficult to do the Story Research in the Foreign land as the culture and tradition is very distinct from the international citizens. Our team will send an experience member to research the story of the place or anything that make sense and give you a quality script to work on.


  • Finding Location and Management


Based on your story and requirement our location manager will guide you to the location or even sent sent the location picture. As per your demand, our team can visit the location and collect the stories of the area. In Nepal, there no lack of picturesque view for filming and photography. It has beautiful hill stations and hidden valleys like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan, Patan and Bhaktapur, Mountain Everest and most popular Annapurna Himalaya, Langtang Himalaya, desserts or snow capped landscape of Mustang, Stupaa, National Parks, Monuments, Temples,  White water rafting, Bungy jump, Rural areas, palaces, Cultural festivals like; Dashain / Tihar or festival of color Nepal, Weddings, etc.


  • Transportation  and Domestic Flight Arrangements


We will provide private vehicles, cars, jeeps, Land cruisers, mini buses, and coaches according to your crew member and location of film shooting. Depending upon the group size and location of the film shooting. If you don’t want to take a long ride to reach the location or your equipments are more valuable for the bumpy ride or you have a tight schedule then, we will also manage a domestic and private helicopter charter flight.


  • Custom Clearances


You need to have a filming permit and an authority letter from film development board in order to clear the customs of the filming equipment. Don’t worry Jatra Travels will take care of all the necessary documents and the authority letters beforehand. Our team will be either waiting you at the boarderside or Tribhuvan Airport as per your plan.


  • Budget


Don’t worry about the budget. Nepal is very affordable and we will calculate the total budget, according to your needs, requirements and shooting location. Your budget is depends requirement, Location and details shooting.


  • Accommodation


Comfort is what we matter the most. During your stay here in Nepal shooting, according to your need, we will manage lodge, 3 star hotel and 5 star hotel. We will provide you breakfast and twin sharing basis room. You need to inform us beforehand. But in some remote places of Nepal, you have to either stay in lodge, twin or double beds or camping where you will provide twin sharing or single basis high quality tent. We will provide a good cook who cooks delicious meals.