Babu Thapa

March 7, 2018

Mr. Babu Thapa was born in Tanahun District, Nepal, located at the west of Kathmandu. He has completed his Master Degree in Rural Development and in Public Administration.

In 2003, he stepped into tourism business as Sales Man in Trekking Map and Book Store. There he learned different skills, knowledge and gained various experiences about tours, travels, and trekking in Nepal. This made him know about different beautiful trekking destination of Nepal and even explored as a solo traveler in many trekking routes. Later, he began to handle the groups, individual travelers into various destinations, trails and trekking routes all by himself which had given him more experience and expertise in this sector. More than that, he dealt with national and international clients, knew their experience while visiting Nepal, and later fill all the gaps by organizing various trips with great hospitality.

Then he thought of starting a hotel to provide the best hospitality in the town. In 2008, he initiated a hotel as Managing Director. And the years of dedication and passion in this tourism industry, he later opened this company (Jatra Travels Pvt. Ltd.) in 2016 with his team.

A very helpful and kindhearted man, who besides handling trekking and tours, he also operates the inquiries made by the clients as well as reservation of hotel accommodations, flights, transportation, and other travel-related logistics.

Apart from that, Mr. Thapa has fluent and good command in English and Hindi. He is capable to operate any tours, treks and other adventurous sports all over Nepal. He can fulfill the client’s destination with full enthusiasm. Mr. Thapa is highly dedicated to promoting tourism by providing top quality service through his well-organized company with outstanding management. He loves to travel a lot and has traveled to different countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

He is the man with many hats. Besides the tourism business, he is a model in Nepali film industries. He has acted in ample of music videos and has worked as a fixer with foreign media. If he is not working, you will find him drinking coffee and working on his laptop, somewhere in the cool restaurant of Thamel.