Trained & skilled staffs

First, let us clarify you that Trekking in Nepal is not so easy. Most of the awe-inspiring trekking are in high elevation that can be only passed through Remote jungles, cliffs, difficult and confusing pavements. There are some cases that trekkers have been lost while trekking and still they are not found. It doesn’t mean that without trekking guides one cannot complete his/her trek. Many have completed their trekking. But if you are planning to travel high altitude trek like Langtang, Annapurna Circuit, Upper Mustang, Everest Base Camp and others, we would like you to take a travel or trekking guide with you. And for your convenience and safety, our guides are well trained and all of them hold the official license provided by the Nepal Government.

Similarly, our tour leaders have all the knowledge of  each and every trip destination, environment, culture and customs. Similarly, they are well known about First Aid service, Environmental Protection and Altitude Sickness. If someone has an altitude problem and risk of moving further then they will use alternate method to ease out the risk. They care about even a small details to make the trekking environment enjoyable. Our guides speak English fluently and most of them speak other languages like Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese. The are familiar with the Nepali Culture, religions, history and art and always give you the details genuine information of Nepal to you. Eventually, our guides give more priority to our clients health, hygiene, safety, security and happiness.

Our Staff accident and life insurance

Jatra Travles Pvt Ltd. is a fully insured company.  According to the law of Nepal Government, all of our trekking guides, tour guides and including every other staff members of our tour and travel company are insured by the government registered and reputed insurance company of Nepal. They are insured for loss of life and accidents while trekking


This the one of the main things that we care the most. We try to give security and safety to our customers in every way possible. That’s why we provide a highly experience tour guides or trekkers for an expedition who have more than decades of experience of the Himalayas and other destination. If something serious happened while trekking, then we have an emergency medical service. In case an immediate medical evacuation is needed then helicopter rescue service is there. But they have to cover rescue evaluation on their insurance  policy. In case of minor injury or accident then, all our tour guides are well known about the first aid services. Sometimes Nepal’s medicine wont work for the international citizens, it would be better if you bring the one from your own country. Let us assure that we constantly monitor weather update with the helps from Nepal Government and  communicate with our tour guide. In some rural or remote areas of Nepal, there is a problem of telecommunication. So we carry satellite phone for communication.

Stress-Free Travel

We will plan everything for you. You don’t have to worry about anything,. Just present yourself on time, it will be convenient for both of us. After that, our trek guides or leaders will take care of everything. They will show you the famous and good places to eat, sleep and even take you for the breath taking place for sightseeing. They will share you information about the places you will visit. On the top of that, they will manage to give your private entrance to the places you couldn’t arrange on your own. So, just be cool, enjoy your holidays, we all take care of everything.

Always genuine and truthful towards you

On some of our trips accommodation can be quite basic in teahouse, is not always fun, sometimes it’s pretty tedious too; overnight journeys can be tiring; arriving in a strange country for the first time can be a daunting prospect and local customs can be difficult to understand…

All these aspects and more can be turned into positive experiences IF you know what to expect and are prepared for it. We’ll always try to offer advice about the things you really need to know and we’ll also tell you if we think you’re making an unwise choice as to which trip is most suitable to your needs.

Guaranteed and Quality Service

Our clients don’t have to compromise without service. Our treks and tours are always guaranteed and of high quality. We have an excellent record of customer satisfaction and continued success has led us to expand our range of services. We are proud to say that Beside trekking & tours, short hiking, adventure sports, helicopter tour, expedition, jungle safari, eco trekking, cultural tours, sightseeing tours, educational tours, research tour, hotel reservation, mountain flight, and air ticketing etc. are our other services.

Fresh and Hygienic Food

To maintain good health of our client during, trekking, camping, safari, we provide fresh, organic and hygienically prepared nutritive food cooked by our own trained chefs or cooks. Let us know your menu, we will prepare international varieties of international dishes like Mexican, Indian, Italian, and other western foods. If you want to eat typical Nepal Food then, of course, we will provide you without any hesitation. Let us clarify you that, we always use purified water for cooking and washing vegetables and foods, All of our utensils are properly sanitized or washed. So that, no client should face a food poisoning problem during his holidays. While trekking in the high altitude region, we offer foods that provides them nutrition and prevent from altitude sickness.

Fair & fixed Prices

All of our prices are reasonable and affordable that, no one should cancel their traveling desire due to money issues. The prices depend upon the service quality that you want from us. It includes hotel accommodation, foods, and tour expenses. Similarly, our price may vary if you reuest different service quality like Deluxe, Standard or Budget, then we will set the expenses and price cost according to your request and send your prior to confirmation.

Working conditions

Our staffs are not only staff to us, we treat them as a Jatra Travels Pvt. Ltd. family. If any member of our company, whether it be a normal staff or tour guides or porters, we gave the proper medical attention and medical care to him/her, until they are fully recovered. We know clients not only come for the beautiful landscapes, food is equally part of it. So all our chefs and guides are highly trained and skilled to provide hygiene, delicious food and health care before anything else. If our staff are willing to join any trade union as they prefer, we will not restrict them.

Eco-friendly Tour Package

All our tours and travel packages are Eco-friendly. All our staffs are well aware of the importance of nature, environment, and environmental issues and do our best to preserve them. Similarly, we use environment-friendly equipment and reduce any hazardous materials that damage our environment. We decompose the compostable materials and bring back the undecomposed materials with ourselves.

Social freedom

While trekking if our clients wish to develop the remote areas of Nepal and Nepalese remote communities. Then, we show you the way and equally participate with our clients interest in their any kind of social work and social welfare service to the underprivileged community of our country.

Social work

The profit we earn from our services, we give them as a fund to the remote areas of our country. While trekking we see many communities which are very underdeveloped and don’t even have a proper facility of basic shelter as well. In order to uplift their living habits to fund them to develop sanitation, education, culture, and environmental affairs of the rural community of our country.

Convenient for all

We create activities on the basis of their experience and all age groups. No matter how long time your vacation time is, we will make all arrangements according to your time and request. Besides that, we have a plenty of various activities for all age group. Think of some plan, you will probably get the one. If not it is easy to create one and customize according to your time and money.

Equipment for Trek and Tour

We are fully equipped with safety gears and all type of types of equipment for camping treks and tours such as sleeping bags, tents, mattress, jackets, and kitchenware but who want to make teahouse /lodge basis treks & tours, we would like to recommend to bring their own sleeping bag & Jackets from their hometown or you can rent in Kathmandu.


All of our treks and tours are Eco-friendly. We don’t do any activities that harm the nature, natural habitat and cultural heritage. We are sensitive towards out nature and always co-operate with various international NGO, INGO and other non-profit organization to preserve the beautiful nature of the region.